Towering at 6,048 pixels tall, I have an experienced-based understanding of art & design to improve consumer appeal. I went to university and obtained my BFA in Graphic Design all before Instagram existed, and when Facebook was just a twinkle in Mark’s eye.

How do you quantify your creativeness on paper to someone? You curb the abstract creative and funnel it into a viable skill to solve problems for others that do not have that particular strength. You create solutions for graphic design. That is done by starting a freelance design studio.

I worked the 9-5 for some time as a graphic designer and marketing director in the States. After around half a decade, my partner in crime and I had the opportunity to move. Due to his career we have packed up and moved eight times in twelve years.

After living in four states and three countries in those twelve years, a job change for him ended our unconventional gypsy lifestyle. The constant unknown of never knowing where we would be transferred to next, has taught me to be more flexible, patient, understanding, and prone to accept life when things go wrong.

My primary background is in Graphic Design. I can create and flow a beautiful and functional design piece for you in that arena if you need. My painting talent is also growing. Perhaps you are looking for a unique painting to hang on your business wall? I can assist and add that extra personal touch to your product, event, or project. I can paint your product in a creative way on canvas, draw a chalk mural, draw a menu, create animal paintings or portraits. We live in this digital age, and it takes a closer personal touch to stand out in it.

While I do reside in the Houston area, this lovely invisible thread that connects us all digitally, allows me to work for anyone at anywhere. I am thrilled you are here and would love to assist you on your next design adventure.
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  •  Pet Portrait for Client

    Pet Portrait for Client

  •  Hand Lettered on Charlie's Bar

    Hand Lettered on Charlie's Bar

Practice safe design; use a concept.