Hammer and Forge Brewing Co. started as a small dream and a sketch. We took the client's sketch and transformed it into a solid mark that represents his brewery. The logo was strong enough not to need color.

The mark is a mix of looking like a beer bottle top and a gear. The forge reflects the concept of quality, experience, time, and knowledge. All factors that are needed to create a great beer.

The target audience is hard-working locals, looking for a spot to stop and have a beer during their off-hours. It continues to grow into a full-fledged brewing destination for locals.

I was the sole designer for their brand, logo, labels, and posters.
  •  Original Sketch from Owner

    Original Sketch from Owner

  •  Logo Comp Ideas

    Logo Comp Ideas

  •  Final Logo

    Final Logo

  •  Fire pit

    Fire pit

  •  Hammer and Forge Logo Mugs

    Hammer and Forge Logo Mugs

  •  Website


  •  Blue Lakes

    Blue Lakes

  •  Tap Takeover Poster

    Tap Takeover Poster

  •  Hammer and Forge Sign

    Hammer and Forge Sign

  •  Birthday Bash Poster

    Birthday Bash Poster

  •  Inside Hammer and Forge Brewing Co.

    Inside Hammer and Forge Brewing Co.

  •  Dirty Myrtle

    Dirty Myrtle

  •  Duke of Wittelsbach

    Duke of Wittelsbach

  •  Elder Mountain

    Elder Mountain

  •  Hammer Smash

    Hammer Smash

  •  Kellen's Kilt

    Kellen's Kilt

  •  Uncommon Valor

    Uncommon Valor

  •  Lawless Kolsh

    Lawless Kolsh